Study Abroad

Ortolan Studio offers international study programs for college students and academic institutions.

Our programs are designed to complement studies in art, art history, architecture, studio art, as well as art conservation.


Practical demonstrations are supplemented by lectures including written instructional material and practical hands-on work in English.  Group/individual critiques are an integral part of the course, as well as tours.

We are pleased to offer the unlimited use of studio space within our 14th century palazzo, and access to its comprehensive library and large, private terraced garden.


In 2006, students from TCU (Texas Christian University- of Forth Worth, Texas) undertook a three-week workshop in the Theory & Practice of Studio Art, Fresco Painting, and Photography.


“By learning the techniques used by the fresco painters of the Renaissance and seeing their original works of art, we were able to take our own small steps in the larger footsteps of the old masters”. Burk Frey,  TCU


“Our experiences here and knowledge gained contributes to the preservation of these traditional skills of the Renaissance, helping to prevent them from being lost in the modernity of today’s technological world”. Lauren Heffron, TCU


Most of our former participants say that it is more than just a program… “It is an unforgettable experience!” Burk Frey, TCU