Ortolan Studio is proud to offer Art Holidays in Italy, near Venice,  art workshops in traditional fresco painting techniques, encaustic, landscape and Ornamental Painting


With over 20 years’ experience in traditional painting techniques and art restoration, Ortolan Studio’s mission is to preserve and further these ancient crafts through the sharing of knowledge, and simultaneously promote the use of eco-friendly solutions in this field.


The use of all-natural raw materials like natural lime and pigments originating from the earth and binders made of natural elements in a step by step process using traditional techniques. 


The “Renaissance workshop” is ideal for those who want to expand their knowledge, while having a wonderful Italian Experience.


All courses are held in Ortolan Studio’s 14th century Palazzo.  The courses are taught in English by Alma Ortolan and her team of experienced assistants  in order to provide individual instruction in a group setting. Ortolan Studio guarantees the highest quality service possible for all participants.


Ortolan Studio also offers Long weekend workshopsArtists Retreats, and Tailor-made Classes on a wide range of arts including fresco, landscape painting, paper making, faux finishes and stucco work.