Visiting the Museum in Venice… with a Pièce de théâtre & flute

It is Carnival time in Venice….


Federica Lotti performing in Ca' Rezzonico Museum in Venice


It was a great experience last night visiting the magnificent palace Cà Rezzonico in Venice, the 18th century Museum in Venice, accompanied by theatrical drama; a “real and imaginary” tribute to Shakespeare‘s women. Women who Shakespeare loved and women who loved him: Lady Macbeth: a woman ready to defend the most extreme means the social position of her husband. Ophelia: a maiden who develops a real project of seduction against Prince Hamlet. Juliet’s mother: a frigid woman who remembers love tried, but denied, for the great father of Romeo. 


Marta Richeldi


Admiring the mural painting of Giambattista Tiepolo and the Baroque decoration of the palazzo designed by the greatest Baroque architect Baldassar Longhena was even more exciting this time.

Fully mmersed in the atmosphere of the authentic Venetian Palazzo, painted figures and real actors seemed to talk to each other….


Susanna Costaglione


The Play of Susanna Costaglione and Marta Richeldi was an exciting and unique experience and the solo flute concert, masterly performed by Federica Lotti, gave a great expression to the entire theatrical performance, with her unique sensual touches of breath and voice.


Marta Richeldi




Venice Museum Ca’ Rezzonico

Dorsoduro 3136, 

30123 Venice
Phone +39 041 2410100
Fax +39 041 2410100



February 17, 18, 19 and 20 2012



Adattamento drammaturgico dei testi e regia di Giuseppe Emiliani
con Susanna Costaglione e Marta Richeldi
Musiche eseguite dal vivo da Federica Lotti
Organizzazione a cura di Tiven Group


Images: Alma Ortolan



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