Tintoretto. Next opening in Rome, 25 February 2012

The next exhibition at the Scuderie del Quirinale will celebrate Tintoretto, one of the most celebrated Venetian painters of the 16th century.


Tintoretto exhibition, Scuderie del Qurinale, Rome


 ‘a natural genius, a great inventor of dramatic tales that unfold in a choreography of vibrant light and shade… an endlessly entertaining performance.’ Roberto Longhi


The exhibition is part of a broader program designed to explore the work of those artists who have helped to make the story of art in our country so unique and grandiose, ranging from Botticelli to Antonello da Messina, from Bellini to Caravaggio and, more recently, to Lorenzo Lotto and Filippino Lippi. 

This exhibition, focusing on the three main themes that distinguish Tintoretto’s work: religion, mythology and portraiture, is strictly monographic and will be divided into sections comprising a handful of carefully selected and unquestioned masterpieces, beginning and ending with his two self-portraits of himself as a young man, from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and as an old man, from the Louvre

The first section, on the first floor of the Scuderie, will be devoted to religious themes (which played such a major role in Tintoretto’s artistic output), opening with one of his first acknowledged works, Jesus Among the Doctors(1542) lent by the Milan Cathedral’s Diocesan Museum, and ending with the The Deposition (1594) from the Monastry of San Giorgio Maggiore, possibly the last work in which it is possible to identify the hand of the master. In between, the exhibition will include such important works as the Madonna of the Treasurers and the Stealing of the Dead Body of St. Mark , both from the Gallerie dell’Accademia, the St Mary of Egypt and the St Mary Magdalen , from the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, and the unprecedented and spectacular juxtaposition of the Last Supper from the Venetian church of San Trovaso and another version of the same subject painted five years later, from the church of San Polo, to celebrate one of the Scuole del Sacramento’s favorite themes. 

The second floor will house the other two sections of the exhibition, starting with the section devoted to portraits. Even though he was in competition with Titian, his contemporaries yet recognized his “utterly exquisite eye in portraiture”. Some of his most famous portraits from leading international collections will be on display in this section.

During the exhibition, numerous activities and workshops for kids and families are planned. For further information, please contact: didattica.sdq@palaexpo.it


Tintoretto, Scuderie del Quirinale, Rome
25 February 2011 - 10 June 2012

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Reduced price € 8.50

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