The Cuzco School of Painting in Susques, Argentina

If you decide to get lost in Argentina, I would suggest you to visit the province of San Salvador de Jujuy in northern Argentina, not far from Chile and Bolivia.
Follow the road to the Paso de Jama which descends into the Atacama Desert in Chile, up and up, you will find yourself over 4000 meter. After crossing the “never ending” crust salt of the Salinas Grandes, you will arrive at Susques (4150 m), the border crossing to Chile.


Desert of Atacama


The Church of Susques, which dates back to 1598, is an important destination and  has been declared a National Historic Monument in 1943.


Church of Nuestra Señora of Belen in Susques

The mural paintings of the interior dates back to the 1598


The church, dedicated to the Nuestra Señora of Belen , is entirely build in adobe, has a compact land floor and the roof is made of straw and cactus wood.


The roof of the church is made of straw and cactus wood


The interior, the original paintings of the Cuzco School are one of the best example of “Pintura Colonial”. The Cuzco School’s mural paintings were painted by the indigenous people of the Andes who had been taught by such Spanish masters as Jesuits of Lojola.



On the internal walls, the smooth mortar made of straw and mud is painted with floral motifs and 15 pictures of Saints.



floral motif



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