The charming walls

The benefits arising from the use of natural materials in architecture are important for the environment and for human wellbeing.


Materials & tools for the lime mortars workshops


The historical benefits of using natural renders are well documented and they will be presented during the next  workshop.

The “Historic lime mortars” workshop is designed for those who believe that the bio-architecture is the right answer to a more eco sustainable economy & life.


The eco-building techniques helps us to make our homes healthier, using natural finishes, lime based plasters and paints.



The course will provide step-by-step instructions and hands-on to show the practical elements of working with lime and natural-based finishes on a wide variety of wall surfaces, including traditional and eco-build materials like bricks, cob, and stone, as well as modern plasterboard and concrete surfaces, with stunning results. 



In addition to the traditional methods for making “lime mortars”, the workshop will introduce participants also the old Moroccan plaster technique of tadelakt and the application of this surface finish to modern charming interiors.






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