San Martino Church

In 1972, during renovation works in San Martino of Tours Church in Fratta di Tarzo, the remains of several fifteenth century frescoes were uncovered on the sidewalls of the choir.
They would remain forgotten for the next twenty years, until 1993 when Alma Ortolan took on the conservation project of tantamount importance to the history of the town’s Art and Architecture, confirming the wealth and cultural importance of the area.


Location: Tarzo, Italy
Year: 1993


Main Contractor: Parish of San Martino di Tours


The project is published in:

Ortolan, Alma. Konserwacja malowidel sciennych w prezbiterium kosciola Sw. Marcina we Fratta di Tarzo, prowincja Treviso, region Veneto, Wlochy. (The conservation of the mural painting in the presbytery of the Church of San Martino in Fratta di Tarzo, Italy), in “Studia i Materialy W.K.i R.D.Z. w Krakowie”, ed. Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, 1998.