San Bartolomeo Church

The Church of San Bartolomeo in Bibano of Godega di Sant’Urbano dates back to 12th Century.
 Alma Ortolan’s discovery of a fresco inside the church constitutes an important historical event because of its attribution to the School of Giovanni Antonio de’ Sacchis, also known as Pordenone, from around 1520. It portrays the Madonna with Child and the Saints Sebastiano, Pietro and Rocco. The conservation work was partly sponsored by the Province of Treviso.


Location: Godega di Sant’Urbano
Year: 1999


Main Contractor: Parish of San Martino, Godega di Sant’Urbano


The project is published in:
Azzalini, Innocente and Giorgio Visentin. San Bartolomeo di Bibano, Godega di Sant’Urbano 2009.