Painting on canvas

This painting, from around 1700, portrays Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple.
In Christ’s time, the porch of the Temple in Jerusalem accommodated a market for buying sacrificial animals and exchanging money. Christ drove out the traders, saying: ‘It is written My house shall be called a house of prayer”, but you make it a den of thieves’ (Matthew 20).



This painting had been severely damaged by being exposed to water and humidity. The canvas was not lined and extremely brittle, with numerous losses to both canvas and paint. Conservation was required and included, consolidation of paint layer, and surface cleaning to remove grime and discolored varnish. Lacunae were then filled, retouched and a fresh layer of varnish was added.


Location: Vittorio Veneto, Italy
Year: 2005


Main Contractor: Parish of San Martino, Godega di Sant’Urbano