Madonna della Neve Church

In 1992 Alma Ortolan was asked to examine the Church of Madonna della Neve (14th century), as it was thought that there was the possibility of finding hidden frescoes. After investigation, a discovery was made on one of the side walls. The plaster layer and lime wash was removed to reveal a fresco painting dating back to the 15th century, attributed to Francesco Beccaruzzi.


Location: Conegliano, Italy
Year: 1992


Main Contractor: Parish of Santa Maria, Conegliano


The project is published in:
Ortolan, Alma and S. Armellin, G. Cagnin, L. Cerocchi, G. Fossaluzza. La Madonna della Neve tra le mura di Conegliano (“The Madonna della Neve” Church along the Walls of Conegliano), Treviso 1992.