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Fresco painting workshop 2015

The upcoming “Fresco Painting Workshop” will be held on May -from Monday 18th to Saturday 23rd, 2015.



The workshop offers full-day activities in an intensive course devoted to the techniques, materials, history and the theory of fresco painting and an introduction to conservation. Activities include a series of lectures followed by demonstrations and hands-on practical sessions. You’ll have the opportunity to create the authentic Renaissance ‘Buon Fresco’, which you may keep with you at the end of the course.


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The charming walls

The benefits arising from the use of natural materials in architecture are important for the environment and for human wellbeing.


Materials & tools for the lime mortars workshops


The historical benefits of using natural renders are well documented and they will be presented during the next  workshop.

The “Historic lime mortars” workshop is designed for those who believe that the bio-architecture is the right answer to a more eco sustainable economy & life.


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Long weekend Historic Lime Mortars Workshop

Ortolan Studio is pleased to announce the upcoming workshop on Historic Lime Mortars.

MARCH 2012 – From 15th to 18th


The workshop concentrates on the materials and the technique of historic lime mortars. It offers full-day activities which include series of lectures followed by demonstrations and hands-on.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn how to make an old lime mortar and how to repair lime finishes in ancient buildings. In addition to that, instructions about decorative finishes including “sgraffito”, tadelakt and patinas are provided.


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