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St. Paul’s ancient face at long last revealed

The light reveals Christ the master, the healed cripple and Lazarus and Daniel among the lions, but the real revelation is that of the first recognized depiction of St. Paul’s face.

laser cleaning

It is to be found at Santa Tecla in an ancient roman road, via Ostiense, hidden in an underground cubicle where the temperature is about 14 degrees and the humidity reaches 98%. This catacomb, rediscovered in 1720, now exhibits effigies of four apostles dating back to the end of the fourth century. Biblical scenes and faces have once again coming to light thanks to the work of the Pontificia Commissione di Archeologia Sacra, presided over by Fabrizio Bisconti, with director Barbara Mazzei in the role of project coordinator.

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Apostle images from 4th century found under street in Italy

New laser burnt away centuries of calcium deposits to reveal earliest known pictures of Andrew and John in Rome catacomb.

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