The Renaissance Journey

Learn from the past and create for the future! Yearning to know the processes that the Renaissance masters used has ignited a passion in us to embark on a quest to learn skills from the old-world in Italy. This summer, we will travel to Italy and France to learn in the footsteps of these great artists. We will visit some of the most important museums in the world, the Accademia Gallery, the Sistine Chapel, the Louvre and many more.

Follow us through our blog and learn alongside with us!


By Vanina Orendorff & Judy Rounds

Visiting the Museum in Venice… with a Pièce de théâtre & flute

It is Carnival time in Venice….


Federica Lotti performing in Ca' Rezzonico Museum in Venice


It was a great experience last night visiting the magnificent palace Cà Rezzonico in Venice, the 18th century Museum in Venice, accompanied by theatrical drama; a “real and imaginary” tribute to Shakespeare‘s women. Women who Shakespeare loved and women who loved him: Lady Macbeth: a woman ready to defend the most extreme means the social position of her husband. Ophelia: a maiden who develops a real project of seduction against Prince Hamlet. Juliet’s mother: a frigid woman who remembers love tried, but denied, for the great father of Romeo.  Read more…

Studium Generale Marcianum Foundation -The restoration project in Venice

The Studium Generale Marcianum, as part of the cultural project of the Italian Catholic Church, is the academic-pedagogical and  research center  of the Patriarchate of Venice.


Marcianum library


The video presents the restoration works in progress of the of the building, next to the Basilica of theMadonna della Salute, headquarters of the Studium Generale Marcianum Foundation of the Patriarchal Seminary of Venice: 

 Studium Generale Marcianum Foundation – The restoration


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Microorganinsm for surface cleaning

Balancing the risks associated with restoring the world’s masterpieces and frescoes is an art in itself. But a mixed group of experts from Italy and Spain demonstrate that injecting a bit of life in this case, bacteria into a painting can work wonders in removing unwanted features a piece gathers over time.



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The charming walls

The benefits arising from the use of natural materials in architecture are important for the environment and for human wellbeing.


Materials & tools for the lime mortars workshops


The historical benefits of using natural renders are well documented and they will be presented during the next  workshop.

The “Historic lime mortars” workshop is designed for those who believe that the bio-architecture is the right answer to a more eco sustainable economy & life.


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The Sgraffito-Adobe technique in the Puna Argentina

Arriving in the village Yavi, province of Jujuy late afternoon from la Quiaca, nearby the border between Argentina and Bolivia, it was quite cold and nobody’s around. 


Mari Sol's dog Mancha looking for us


When we decided to stay in a family house to better understand the Native Andes Culture & Life a dog found us en la Calle Reconquista and took us to his home where Mari Sol greeted us with a smile. 

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The Giotto’s fresco of the Peruzzi Chapel influenced Michelangelo’s painting

“The first of the great personalities in Florentine painting was Giotto,” begin Bernard Berenson‘s classic portrait of the fourteenth-century artist in his Italian Painters of the Renaissance.


Giotto di Bondone. Peruzzi Chapel, Ascension of St. John

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Modern and Contemporary Mural Paintings

The Conference mcmp2012 will focus on the Modern and Contemporary Mural Painting. 



The conference will be held in Valencia, Spain from 4 to 5 May 2012.


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Tintoretto. Next opening in Rome, 25 February 2012

The next exhibition at the Scuderie del Quirinale will celebrate Tintoretto, one of the most celebrated Venetian painters of the 16th century.


Tintoretto exhibition, Scuderie del Qurinale, Rome


 ‘a natural genius, a great inventor of dramatic tales that unfold in a choreography of vibrant light and shade… an endlessly entertaining performance.’ Roberto Longhi


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Bologna ART FIRST 2012

Marco Tirelli, Senza titolo, 2012 Galleria Giacomo Guidi, Roma


ARTE FIERA BOLOGNA. From January 27 to 30, 2012 the 36th edition of Bologna Art First.

Since 1974 the Arte Fiera has been presenting arists, such us Ben Brown, Gavin Turk, Miguel Barcelò, Lucio Fontana, Andy Wharol, Kounellis, Calzolari, Pistoletto, Anish Kapoor and many others. This year, The curatorial project On the Spot challenges several premises, investigating whether an exhibition containing works on display at an art fair can be conceptualized, selected, exhibited and inaugurated in only one day; and whether concepts like ‘spectator participation’ and ‘live experience’ can be put into practice at an art fair.

The one-day projects will be exhibited at the curator’s place in hall 22 booth B2 at ArteFiera between the 27 and 29 January 2012.

Artists, critics, museum directors, curators and players on the Italian and international art scene will animate a series of meetings, events and presentations of publications and projects. Thanks to the collaboration of gallery and publisher exhibitors at Arte Fiera Art First, the Art Café is a unique opportunity to meet a range of people from the art world.

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